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Bring achievement recognition into any system with Open Credit API Apps and extensions

Connect your platforms, site or app with Digitalme.Credly to take advantage of our unparalleled platform for issuing, sharing and managing lifelong achievement. Digitalme.Credly uses the EEA Open Credit API, so every aspect of badge issuing and displaying can be integrated with other services and tools. With all user data safely and securely hosted in the EEA to meet strict european data protection regulations. Check out some of the integrations below, or visit the Digitalme.Credly Developers' Portal to see Featured Apps or create your own.

Use the Open Credit API to connect all your systems and programmes

Platform providers, apps, organisations and others have integrated with the Digitalme.Credly Open Credit API in a range of ways, including:

  • Issuing sharable, portable open badges from Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Automatically issuing digital badges based on assessments and certification requirements
  • Rewarding involvement in online communities
  • Sharing achievements earned in museums, libraries & cultural institutions
  • Trigger badges for event attendance, registration or involvement
  • Badge issuing based on real-time CRM data
  • Distributing badges based on leaderboard data and other metrics

Worldwide adoption of the Open Credit API

Over 700 organisations are now using the Open Credit API to seamlessly integrate achievement recognition into their programmes, apps and websites. The secret to the unparalleled flexibility of Open Credit is a robust and highly modular API that keeps data portable, and permits seamless integration of digital credentials into your organisation's ecosystem of websites and apps.

For more details of the API and implementations, check out our in depth Developer's Portal

Key features of the API

API Endpoints with Full Spectrum of Credentials Management
With a full suite of User Management API endpoints, you can design Digitalme.Credly to be managed through your own apps or platforms, including user management, credits management, and events management.

Open Badge Specification Compliant
Open Credit makes Digitalme.Credly the only platform with complete two-way Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) support. Badges issued are infinitely portable across any platforms, for both issuers and earners.

Robust Support Resources
The Open Credit API is accompanied by a comprehensive and ever-growing library of developer resources for digital badges and credentials.

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