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Features & Benefits

Digitalme.Credly is a recognised global leader in digital credential delivery, offering exceptional power and scalability to employers, awarding bodies, education providers, and professional associations who seek to transform their recognition programmes and credentialing operations.

Powerful sharing tools to make all skills visible

Individuals unleash their credentials across the web to become more discoverable and verifiable. This includes integrations with leading social media sites like LinkedIn. Embed codes and other sharing tools allow individuals to control when and where they want to be seen online.

Secure metadata in each credential can include criteria, evidence, testimonials, expiration and revocation conditions and any alignment to industry standards. This allows easy understanding and validation of the credential and what it took to achieve, bringing greater transparency and value.

As each credential is shared, the issuer is shared with it, promoting what you do and your wider offerings, helping drive improved take-up of skills and behavioural development initiatives.

An individual credential profile for all achievements

Earners have full control of how they collate and display skills. Their EU hosted profile enables individuals to collect and display credentials from any Digitalme.Credly issuer or any other open badge compliant system. A single profile for every skill and achievement, enabling a more visible and rich picture of individuals and their talents. Issuers can also showcase all their earners in one place to help promote what you do.

The Enterprise package provides a fully configurable, white-labelled experience for your earners, giving you control over branding, communications, vocabulary and shareability. It can also limit the sharing of certain credentials to internal only, to protect sensitive info.

Tracking and reporting to measure impact

Unlock the power of a data-rich picture of all your earners through reporting dashboards. This includes a complete user-level view of each recipient, containing badge earning, sharing and display activity. Drill down and learn more about your earners, their achievements and interests. Discover your leading influencers and filter, sort, and export all available data - in multiple formats.

Measure the benefit on your brand by tracking earners' sharing to see what is being viewed on each social media platform. It provides vital ROI data needed to show the impact being made through your programmes and sustain funding for your offerings.

All credential types managed in one place

Whether you want to digitise existing certifications to make them more shareable, discoverable and verifiable online; OR begin recognising achievements that might otherwise remain invisible - Digitalme.Credly can help you manage credentials' large and small, formal or informal.

From recognising technical skills, right through to more human skills, or simply creating objective records of CPD event attendance. You take control by designing credentials for the skills you want to be seen, all powered by the universal and shareable data-rich open badge format. Branding or co-branding with 3rd parties to promote your organisation and enable the individual. Use it to help build Alumni, or drive recruitment by engaging earlier than ever before with future members, students and employees.

Easy and flexible credential issuing at scale

We make issuing credentials of any type easy and simple. Whether it is to hundreds or hundreds of thousands, we take the pain out of giving instant online recognition. Retrospectively issue, add support evidence, instantly revoke or set expiry conditions to support ongoing re-qualification.

Manage assessment and quality assurance of claims by requesting evidence, a claim code or a line manager testimonial. Set strict permissions on who can issue and even delegate authority to third parties to issue on your behalf.

Over 700 popular apps, sites and platforms have already connected up to the "Open Credit" API. Easily integrate with your LMS, e-portfolios, CRM service and marketing/booking websites.

Explore the full potential

Contact Digitalme to discuss your requirements and discover all the benefits of our packages.